DDRAM (Double Data Rate SDRAM) does exactly what it sounds like - it doubles  the rate of speed at which standard SDRAM can process data. That means DDR is roughly twice as fast as standard SDRAM.

Will it work in my system?
The short answer is probably not ” yet. DDR is so far on the leading edge  of technology that it will take a while for the rest of the computer industry  to catch up. DDRAM memory modules won't fit in standard SDRAM DIMM slots, so you can't plug DDR into your current system and make it twice as fast. Most new motherboards these days do support DDRAM such as;  ECS K7S5A ATX SIS735 SOCKETA , Asus A7V266  or 333 (my fav's), SOYO SY-K7V DRAGON+ KT266A SOCKETA and much more

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